New Employee Payroll Form

Please use this form to tell our payroll team about new starters who will be paid in your next payroll run. It must be submitted before your payroll cut off date, failure to do so will incur an extra charge and you may risk your employee missing the payrun entirely.
You should only use this form if you have been instructed to do so.

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Your form has been securely submitted and will be processed according to your payroll contract.

Notes to help filling in this form

This form and its contents are secured by SSL, please check your browser bar to ensure this is the case.

All boxes must be completed as these are the minimum required to process payroll and comply with HMRC rules. Employees who identify as gender neutral or who are currently in the process of changing gender must be treated for tax purposes in the gender that is on their current birth certificate regardless of how they are currently identifying; this ensures they pay the correct level of National Insurance.

If we manage your employee payments you must provide their bank detail via telephone.