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Moving along.

A bit cleaner now!

When we first started it was pretty much a bunch of paperwork, a laptop and the kitchen table; over 10 years later we’ve made the move into larger offices and now employ 6 staff. Even though most of what we do is now cloud software based we still have a load of paperwork to haul over to the new place, along with all that stuff that we never realized we had!

We know we haven’t given the best service in that last year or so and this move is part of the effort to bring things back up to speed, we have two new members of staff – Sharon & Millie both will be looking after our clients and helping bring the backlog of work up to date; we also have a further vacancy for an apprentice coming up shortly. There are some changes to the background of the company which have enabled us to invest in this move and we’ll be able to share those details in the coming months, all in all they are for the better of everyone.

So, Saturday morning it was a case of lift and shift from one office to another which is not easy feat at all; luckily we didn’t have any furniture to move but bringing the files from one place to another took some carrying. Once the paperwork and equipment was moved we cleaned and rearranged the new office and started putting things in place.

How it started

Dumping ground

By Sunday afternoon we had our IT systems pretty much back up and running and the tea bags had been found at last. Other than a new location there is no other changes to how you contact us or, for existing clients, the systems you use; in fact we now have permanent office staff during the day. I’m sure there be a few niggles as things setting in but the futures bright the futures….(Oh wait, that was a different company) .

We really want to make our service the best in the area and offer you something quite different, we’ve invested in the latest technology and we’re recruiting more team members to help you succeed in your business; we are passionate about making your accounting easy, let us prove it!

Door front
Suite 3, 3a South House

Suite 3, 3a South House