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Payroll Services

We'll take care of....

  • Salary & Hourly Rates

  • Benefits in Kind

  • Pensions

  • Auto-Enrolment

  • Statutory Payments

  • RTI – both EPS & FPS

  • Employee Payslip & Document Portal

  • Emailed Payslips*

  • P45’s. P60’s & P11Ds

  • All software costs included – nothing more to pay. 

You provide us with....

  • New starter / leaver details

  • Sickness, statutory leave & holidays 

  • Confirmation of hours worked or salaries

  • An authorisation once you have reviewed your wages

    All the above is completed via a secure online portal at a time that suits you.

Paying your staff

In most cases you'll want to pay your staff from your own bank account.

But paying multiple staff different amounts can be daunting and prone to error, we can simplify things for you:

  • You agree and approve your payroll

  • We tell you the total take home pay bill

  • You send this amount to a secure bank account, held in your name

  • We ensure your wages are paid correctly and on time to every member of staff

  • You remain in total control of your money at all times

Comprehensive Reporting

Run your own analysis from the Employer Portal, our standard reports include:

  • Hours worked

  • Employer pay & tax summaries

  • Annual Leave use

  • Pension Costs

  • Department Totals

We can also build any payroll report you need so you have the figures when you want in Excel or PDF.

We can also integrate with most accounting software packages to create journals to save you or your accountant retyping information.   


Our fair pricing ensures you know what you'll be paying even if things change. Our pricing starts at £8.50 per pay period for a minimum 12 month term, dependant on employee numbers.

Our prices always include:

  • Onboarding your payroll (existing schemes)

  • Starters & Leavers, issuing P45's & P60's

  • Pay & Pension Calculations

  • Employee & Employer Portal 

  • HMRC & Pension Submissions

  • Attachment of Earning Orders

  • Annualised Pay Calculations* (usually education establishments) 

  • Holiday Pay Calculations / Recording*

  • Emailed payslips* (if employee portal is not requested)

Services at additional cost on request

  • Mortgage / Loan Proof of Earnings Certificates

  • New PAYE account set up

  • Mid-year change of pension scheme

  • Payment of staff wages

*Please note: included in fee if confirmed at time of onboarding but a charge will apply if added or removed mid-year.